The machine learning is the subfield of computer science and a branch of artificial intelligence but in order to understand machine learning, it is first important to know that it is artificial intelligence and algorithms since they are related areas and are part of machine learning.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the…

One of the tools that compilers supply us with are libraries. Among its advantages is being able to optimize the search in memory, avoid repeating code several times unnecessarily and greater response times in the search.

There are two types of libraries, static and dynamic, but in this blog we…

When we refer to compilation, we often do not think about the work behind it, since the compiler is the “tool” that allows us to interact with the machine. Each line of our source code must be interpreted by the machine through the copier for its use.

In this blog…

Symbolic links.

A very useful feature in linux is symbolic links, this allows us to have a file referenced by various names. Regardless of the original file name, symbolic links allow us to generate something very similar to “shortcuts” in Windows OS which is better known but much more recent.

Besides that…


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